Nano-Technology Nail Shiner

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❤ 2 packs of nail shiner — have a sweet time with your dears, you can use it with your children or friends.

❤ Nano technology — perfect manicure tool to get a lasting glossy. natural crystal-like shine from your nails.

❤ Portable — product size: 3.5 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches. coming with a free portable case. easy to carry.

❤ Easy to clean — Nano glass repels dirt and bacteria, just need to rinse with water.

❤ Free money risk — the warranty period for Hepburn.S products is 1 year from date of purchase.

The nail shiner is slim, including matching plastic case to protect your handbag and nail file. perfect size for women handbag so you can have it all the time, no matter what occasion is, all festivals, birthday, or special day, it must be an excellent beauty gift and Innovative nail care for girls, mothers or yourself! 

How to use? 
1. Use the Nano glass abrasive surface side (the other side is smooth) to file and buff your nails.
2. Move back and forth Hepburn.S (Nano glass abrasive surface) on your nail edge for nail file.
3. Buff your nail by gently moving Hepburn.S (Nano glass abrasive surface) vertical to your finger.
4. Adjust filing strength and depth to match your nail conditions.

1. The nails shiner works on natural nails only.
2. Clean with water before storing.
3. Keep out of reach of babies and children.

Package Include: 
1 Hepburn.S Nano-Technology Nail Shiner
1 Free portable case

Size:2 Packs

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